The Fishman is an enemy cut from Serious Sam: The First Encounter.


The Fishman appears to have been a bipedal, fish-like enemy that wielded a spear. It could also throw projectiles at the player. The player was able to fight it in water and on land.

According to Roman Riberic, the Fishman was supposed to steal the player's ammo and armor, but no mention of this can be found in the code.

The Fishman appears as a functioning enemy in Serious Sam Revolution and the upcoming Serious Sam Origins.


  • The second Fishman model was used as the base for the "Gary the Thief" character in Serious Sam 2 multiplayer.
  • The Fishman would appear in the water planet levels.
  • The Fishman's underwater sounds were repurposed as the Reeban Electro-Fish's sounds in the final version of the game.