The Flying Kleer is an enemy in Serious Sam 2.


The Flying Kleer is essentially a winged Kleer Skeleton armed with a Blunderbuss. It fires a large fireball from the Blunderbuss. It usually stays away from the player.


  • The Double Shotgun works well against individual Flying Kleers. Two shots at medium range and one at short range can take one out.
  • The Rocket Launcher is very effective against groups of Flying Kleers. One rocket can kill a Kleer and will weaken the others enough for one Auto Shotgun blast to finish them off.
  • The Flying Kleer is not a major target when with other enemies because of how easy it is to avoid its projectiles. However, the player should try to reduce their numbers when they have a chance because there is a possibility of a Flying Kleer hitting the player because of how many there are.


  • According to the Harpy's backstory, she is partially made from Flying Kleer wings.


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