This is getting serious!
This article contains spoilers. It might spoil your gaming experience when first playing these games.

Forsaken Compound is the tenth level of Serious Sam 2.


Serious Sam continues his fight through Magnor's industrial bases, fighting off foes such as the T-Mech and grabbing more firepower for himself. After clearing out a few more bases, Sam finds a Zixie trapped in the water. Sam tries to save him, but he himself gets trapped. An Orc Grunt patrol spots him and the Zixie and puts them in a cage. However, soon afterwards, more Zixies appear to kill the Grunts and rescue the Zixie and Sam. They then bring Sam to their home, high in the trees.


  1. In the area that you enter right after killing the Tank Bio-mechanoid, turn right. You'll enter a shipping container-filled alley with a Serious Bomb at the end of it. Pick the bomb up.
  2. While still in the alley, stack two nearby crates next to a shipping container, then use them to climb to the top of it. Look around, and you'll see a building with a Extra Large Armor on the very top of it. Jump to the nearby roof on the building, then go to it's back from where you jumped up to and you'll find some platforms that let you jump to the very top. Do so and grab the Extra Large Armor.
  3. Go to the island with the XPML30 Rocket Launcher on it. Look in the distance to the left, and you'll see a floating red horn. Walk over to and pick it up. Two Cerberuses will spawn in.
  4. In the area just past the second gate, look behind some pipes near the walkway leading to the next dirt island. You'll see and hear a jump pad. Jump on it, and you'll be sent to an island with a Super Health on it. Pick up the Super Health, then use the other jump pad to return back.
  5. Past the industrial area that comes after the third gate, you will be on a dirt path. Look to the left and you will see a series of islands. Walk on these islands and you'll see a sword, a hat and a coat. Picking each of them up will register a secret. Note that some items, like the sword will fly around and land in nearby water if something like a rocket explodes near them. If you can't find an item, look around the water until you find the item.
  6. At the end of the island chain is Duke Nukem's skeleton hanging on a tree with a rocket shoved up his butt. Walking up to the skeleton will register the secret, but there is a Treasure Chest just past the tree that should be picked up.