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Fortress is a multiplayer level in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter and Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter.


Fortress is a medium-sized gothic building with a lava pit in the center of it. The level revolves around several indoor areas surrounding the lava pit. These areas have many important items, such as powerful weapons and powerups.

Fortress has a lot of level flow, ensuring that the player will never hit what seems like a dead-end nor be far away from the action.

Points of InterestEdit

Upper Lava RoomEdit

The Upper Lava Pit area has a bridge that connects the two areas. It has a Super Health in the center of it.

Upper Lava Room RimEdit

The Upper Lava Pit area has a walkable rim surrounding it that has several weapons, such as a Double Barrel Coach Gun.

Lower Lava RoomEdit

The lower lava pit has two two bridges that connect two lower rooms in the level. At the ver bottom of it is a lava pit with a bouncer on two sides of it.

Minigun SideEdit

On one side of the Upper Lava Pit is an indoor area with two elevators. A way to tell where it is is that there's a Chainsaw in front of it. The left elevator has a 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun in front of it, and a Schofield .45 in front of the right elevator. Both elevators lead to the top of the building. However, in the middle of the elevator trip, there is a cubby with a XPML21 Rocket Launcher in it.

Also, during the center of the trip to the top, there is a walkway on the left and right sides of the walkway that lead to towers that overlook the Upper Lava Room.

At the top of the Minigun side is a perch overlooking the Upper Lava Pit with a XM-214-A Minigun with several Bullet pickups near it. Just before the perch are two large holes just past the elevators. On the left hole is a Super Health on a pole, while the right hole has a Large Health on a pole. These items can only be accessed by jumping down.

Sniper SideEdit

On the opposite side of the Minigun Side is a small inddor area with an elevator on it. The elevator leads to a perch overlooking the Upper Lava Room that has a RAPTOR Sniper Rifle and some Sniper Rifle Bullets near it.

Red RoomEdit

Looking from the Sniper Side, the left side of the Upper Lava Room Rim has a Double Barrel Coach Gun. To the left of it is an entrance to a medium-sized room with a red tint. Inside it is an elevator in the center of the room, a 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun on the left, and an entrance to the Lower Lava Room on the right and near the other side of the elevator.

Serious Damage RoomEdit

The entrance to the Lower Lava Room from the Red Room has a Serious Damage in it.

Grenade Launcher RoomEdit

The bridge that from the Serious Damage room leads to the Grenade Launcher room. The Grenade Launcher room is a small area with a MK III Grenade Launcher and some Grenade pickups in the back of it. The Grenade Launcher is connected to the Lower Lava Room and the Upper Lava Room Rim.

Upper Rocket Launcher AreaEdit

The elevator in the Red Room leads to the Upper Rocket Launcher Area. Just past the elevator is a Rocket Launcher, and past it is an entrance to a castle-like building overlooking the Upper Lava Room. On it are some Rocket pickups, and a bridge in the center of it. Underneath the bridge is a SBC Cannon and to the sides of the Upper Rocket Launcher Area, between the actual area and the Upper Lava Room Rim, are Cannonballs. The Cannon itself can be reached by jumping on wooden planks near the Cannonballs to the Cannon.

The bridge can be lowered by shooting it. After it goes down, there will be another bridge that points upwards that leads another castle-like area. Shoot it as well to lower it.

Upper Grenade Launcher AreaEdit

The bridges lead to the Upper Grenade Launcher Area from the Upper Rocket Launcher Area. Just past the bridges is an Invisibility item. To the left and right of it are paths that lead to the outside part of the Upper Grenade Launcher Area. These paths lead to the top of the castle-like area, which has a Grenade Launcher and several Grenade pickups.

Serious Sam HD differencesEdit

The Serious Sam HD version of the level has some minor differences. First, the Red Room is no longer red. Second, the Revolver in front of the right elevator in the Minigun Area is gone because the player spawns with a dual revolvers every time they respawn.

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