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This article contains spoilers. It might spoil your gaming experience when first playing these games.

Freezepad is the thirty-third level of Serious Sam 2.


Serious Sam heads to the laser cannon, but learns to his dismay that it's housed on the cold part of the moon. As he's not wearing any warm clothes, he needs to use various fire sources to warm up so that he won't succumb to hypothermia. Along the way, he learns that he needs a powerful explosive to breach the door to the laser cannon. Sam's first goal in the laser cannon's base is to secure the landing pad so that the Alliance can drop off an explosive powerful enough for Sam to breach the laser cannon's compound.

Sam reaches the base surrounding the laser cannon, and is attacked by Mental's forces. Nearby sources let him stay warm while fighting off enemy forces. Eventually, he reaches Hangar 16 and uses the switch in there to bring down an elevator to the landing pad. After clearing out the resisting forces, Sam reaches the elevator and rides it to the landing pad. He is then told to secure it so that an Alliance dropship can reach it without being shot down. After a few seconds, the area is bombarded by aerial forces trying to stop Sam. Sam takes them out and secures the landing pad. An Alliance dropship with Rolanda in it drops the explosive off, which lets Sam continue his mission.


  1. On the left side of the second area (area past the first gate) is a hangar (Hangar 10) behind a fence with a box in front of it. Toss a grenade at the crate and it will explode. The crate will release a Treasure Chest and a secret will be registered. However, the treasure is impossible to collect.
  2. Right next to the second heating room is a snowman. Shoot the snowman and collect the Small Health that was inside of him. This will register a secret and cause a killer snowman to spawn in near the fence across from where the snowman was and start attacking with a XPML30 Rocket Launcher. When he's dead, he will drop a Serious Bomb
  3. Go to the upper left-most corner inside Hangar 12 (the one you need to go into to press a switch to continue the level). You'll see a a strange device. When you're close enough to it, a secret will register. If you want, you can go to the control panel across the device and use it to release a chicken, then crush it.