"This is bravo delta niner, I have visual on Stone."

Garret was a pilot working for the Earth Defense Force that flew an AH-64 Apache. He contacted Sam at the start of Broken Wings in order to tell him that he would pick up Sam from Cairo when he achieved his objective in the museum.


Garret informed Sam that he couldn't extract him at his current location due to a hot spot and told him to head to the landing zone nearby the mosque. Thus, when Sam arrived at the mosque, he told him that the landing zone was too hot, and that Sam needed to kill all of the enemies in the area in order for him to land.

Sam killed all of the enemies, which allowed Garret to land. However, before he could touch the ground, a Major Bio-mechanoid shot him down, which killed him in the process. Before Sam could recover his body, a sudden meteor impact hits the helicopter and it took control of his helicopter, which turned it into a Technopolip. Garret's remains were most likely destroyed when the Technopolip was destroyed or maybe it was consumed by the creature.


  • Out of all members of the EDF, his body and Wilson's were the only ones that were not mutilated.

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