"Hey, this one talks. So I guess that makes you the BIG UGLY behind this whole thing?"
Sam Stone[src]
General Maxilla is an enemy/character and the main antagonist in Serious Sam: Double D.


General Maxilla is one of Mental's generals. He appears to be involved in Mental's latest scheme, as he appears to be the reason why there are monsters and crystal beacons in three time periods. It seems that the volcano near Pompeii is a part of his ultimate goal, as he has built an underground base in it, most likely to harvest the energy in it for something evil.

While Sam is ruining his plans, he can be seen reviewing the brigades of monsters Mental sends him. Some of them are eager to fight for Mental, some he is astonished by (such as the Chimputee), while others blow up in his face, making him request more.

When Sam gets close to him, he begins threatening Sam over a loudspeaker and telling him that he is going to kill Sam. However, it turns out his real goal is that he wants Sam dead as soon as possible because there's a huge rerun marathon for a TV show he likes, and he really wants to watch it.

After Sam finally reaches him, he challenges Sam to a fight. However, he is pathetic and is quickly killed by Sam. However, as he is dying, he summons Double Diva to finish off Sam. Sam kills her and destroys the crystal beacon she has, finishing off both Maxilla and his scheme within a few minutes.


General Maxilla appears to be a mixture of an American Civil War general and a bug. His outfit and design is inspired by outfits worn by American Civil War generals, while his face has a wasp's mouth on it and a few feelers. His hands have also been replaced with organic, claw-like things.


  • Just shoot him. Really. That's it. He just floats around while sparkles come out of him. He can't harm the player at all. Hell, even the Type II Machine Pistol on its own can easily kill him.