The Giant Flea is an “enemy”/character in Serious Sam: Double D.


The Giant Flea is a giant flea with a green shell, an orange underbelly and a pink sock on one of his hind legs. His green shell is strong enough that it can reflect fireballs tossed by a volcano without harming it. However, his underbelly is a weak spot, and he can be killed by shooting it enough with powerful weapons. It has no attacks.

The Giant Flea only appears in Fireball Fury.


  • Don't kill the Giant Flea whenever he is found. He is essential for crossing the large fireballs in the level he appears in without losing a lot of health or being killed.
  • Enemies that spawn in cannot harm the Flea, so the player don't need to protect it while fighting off other enemies.
  • If the player wants to kill a Giant Flea for the Exterminator Sam achievement, gunstacks with powerful weapons such as the LM32 Rocket Launcher work best. It has a large amount of health, so a gunstack filled with powerful weapons is needed to bring it down in a reasonable amount of time. The Giant Flea will never fight back, so the player can kill it in without retaliation.

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