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This article contains spoilers. It might spoil your gaming experience when first playing these games.

Giant Junkyard is the thirteenth level of Serious Sam 2.


The Zixies lead Serious Sam to what appears to be a large, outdoor area with huge versions of items like wrenches. Sam asks the Zixies if they will help, but they disappear soon afterwards. Sam then fights through the junkyard until he sees a large bundle of TNT. Nearby, he finds a large q-tip that is one fire. He tosses the q-tip at the TNT, which ignites it. After a second or two, it blows up, allowing Sam to proceed through a tunnel.

After getting out of the tunnel, Sam is swarmed by many enemies near what appears to be some sort of playground equipment. Sam manages to clear out all of the enemies.


  1. Right past the giant match is a large pile of turds. This one is basically impossible to miss, as it will register when you get close to the match.
  2. As soon as you leave the tunnel, walk left. There will be a large piano. As soon as you get get close to it, the secret will be registered. However, if you walk on the keys, the same will spawn Extra Small Health or Extra Small Armor, depending on the key that's walked on.