The Gnaar is an enemy in Serious Sam: Double D.


The Gnaar is a bipedal creature with an eye and a mouth on its face. Its only attack is charge forward and slap the player around when they get next to the target. They have low health, making it easy to kill them.

There are two types of Gnaar, small and large. The large one is green and the purple one is small, but there are no differences in their stats (health, damage).

Gnaars appear often early in the game, but become rarer the further the player gets into it.


  • The Gnaar's swat attack can be avoided by simply either jumping over them or running away from them. They need to be right next to the player before they use their melee attack, and as long as the player is constantly moving, it will be unable to attack the player.
  • Gnaars are handy for being used as bases for the Jump Pad or for escaping or jumping over pits.
  • Pretty much any type of weapon and gunstack combination will work against the Gnaar because of its low health. The only weapon that can be risky are explosive weapons, as the Gnaar can get close enough that the explosion from an explosive weapon can harm the player when it kills the Gnaar.
  • The Insane-brand Chainsaw is not a good idea to use against Gnaars if the player wants to use them as platforms, as the Chainsaw will gib them.
  • Multiple Gnaars can be dealt with just like a single Gnaar can. The same weapons can also be used because of the low health each
  • Gnaars are a low-priority threat when paired with other enemies. It is harmless as long as the player is walking and/or jumping, which happens very often as the player needs to be constantly moving in order to dodge other enemy attacks. In addition, the Gnaar's health is low enough that it can be killed in the crossfire between the player and other enemies.