The Golden Gun is an item in Serious Sam: Double D.


The Golden Gun is a powerup that doubles the power of a gun, rate of fire, size of the gun and size of projectiles fired by them, such as rockets from the LM32 Rocket Launcher or flames from the 0-4377 Flamethrower. In addition, it gives the weapon infinite ammo.

The Golden Gun version of each weapon is unlocked by doing a certain amount of damage with a weapon after beating the game. However, the first Golden Gun received is based on the weapon that did the most damage during the game when the player beats the final boss. After that Golden Gun is received, the player can start unlocking more.


  • The player should try to get the Golden Gun versions of powerful weapons, such as the LM32 Rocket Launcher or XL4 Lasergun. They are extremely deadly when their Golden Gun versions are unlocked.
  • The Golden Gun version of a gun is very useful in Challenges. They make them easier because the player doesn't need to hunt for ammo for them during the Challenge and does more damage than they would normally. This makes it easier to clear out enemies in survival Challenges or charge through enemies during time-trial Challenges.
  • Golden Guns make higher difficulties, such as Serious Difficulty, much more manageable because they do double damage when compared to the normal guns.