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This article contains spoilers. It might spoil your gaming experience when first playing these games.

Greendale is the twenty-fourth level of Serious Sam 2.


After defeating Count Kleerofski, Serious Sam is warped to Ellenier to ask the King for the last medallion piece.

He appears near the top of a castle built inside a rock wall that is overlooking a village. Sam fights his way to the ground and finds a drawbridge that will let him go to the village across the river. However, the door to the drawbridge is locked, so Sam travels to a nearby miller and obtains a key from him while under fire from enemies.

Sam unlocks the gate to the drawbridge, but a strange accident involving a Gnaar getting his arm ripped off and stuck in the drawbridge's mechanism prevents him from continuing until he removes the Gnaar's arm from the mechanism. With that done, Sam lowers the bridge and travels to the village.

However, the village is under attack by a very large amount of Mental's forces. Sam, as usual, takes them all out and saves the village in the process.


  1. After going down an elevator and exiting the castle, go left. When you get start getting close to the buildings on the left side that are facing the water, several enemies, such as Rhino Cybertoys and Cannon Turrets, will spawn. Kill them, then continue advancing until you are facing the rock wall at the end of the left path. When you're there, turn right and keep going until you see a Treasure Chest. Pick it up to register the secret. After picking up the treasure chest, two T-Mechs and Cannon Turrets will spawn in.
  2. As soon as you reach the village on the other side, go right and walk along the edge of the river (you won't fall off thanks to an invisible wall). Continue following it until you see an Ammo Pack. Pick it up to register the secret.
  3. From secret #2, continue going right. You'll know when you're on the right path if a legion of Spiders spawn in front of you and Football Players appear behind you. Kill them, then keep going until you see a small tower in the distance. Get close to it, and a secret will register, along with a treasure chest and CH-181 Hover Bike teleporting in. If you pick up any of the items, three T-Mechs will spawn close to the drawbridge exit. The hover bike is going to be very useful in the following battle in the village, where you are going to face Big Spiders and T-Mechs.
  4. When approaching the village, look for a set of huts on the right side of the arena. When you've found them, turn so that you're facing them. Go to the right of the right-most hut (if you need a hint, there's a fence to the right of the hut as well) and you'll find a Super Health. Pick it up to register the secret.