The Guandi Sorcerer is an enemy in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


These former servants of Guandi, the god of war, have the ability to call upon the elements to cast spells against their enemies. They were a mainstay of Guandi's former armies, able to fly around and over ground troops and carve through the lines of enemies with their terrible magic. Subsumed into Mental's forces the sorcerers continue to wreak their havoc on the world, drawing upon Mental's dark powers to enhance their magic.

The Sorcerer has only one attack; constantly throws magical spells at the player.


  • The Sorcerer tends to hover in one spot for prolonged periods of time, this makes the Sorcerer an easy target for explosive weapons at a longer distance.
  • The magic spells the Sorcerer spews at you are very powerful, not to be confused with the similar looking Witch-Harpy's projectiles.
  • When in tight corridors, the Sorcerer can prove fatal. Eliminate it at all costs in these scenarios as their projectiles fire in a very straight line.