Hard Difficulty is a difficulty setting found in most Serious Sam games.

Hard Difficulty
Default Health and Armor


Max Health and Armor



Degeneration if armor or health is above 100 (TNE, Xbox).

Self Damage?


Enemy Count

Above average.

Score Multiplier

40 (HD:TFE), 41 (HD:TSE, SS3)

Ammo Multiplier


Enemy Health Multiplier


Enemy Damage Multiplier

x1.5 (All of the games), x1 (Xbox version of SS2)

Enemy Speed Multiplier

x1.125 (SS2, SS3), x1.25 (SS1), x1 (Xbox version of SS2)

Enemy "Think Frequency" Multiplier (the higher it is, the faster they act)

x1.125 (SS2), x1.25 (SS1, SS3), x1 (Xbox version of SS2)

Enemy Initial Delay Multiplier (Delay before they detect player)

x1 (All of the games), x0.5 (PC version of SS2)

Auto-aim Factor (1 means no autoaim, above 1 means there is autoaim, below 1 means inaccuracy)

1.0 (SS1, SS3), 0.9 (SS2)

Previous Difficulty

Normal Difficulty

Next Difficulty

Serious Difficulty



Hard Difficulty is the second hardest difficulty in the game. It has appeared in all Serious Sam titles.


You can Rocket Jump (except in SS2 and SS3), as self-damage is enabled.


Enemies are more numerous than in Normal Difficulty, and are stronger (in Serious Sam 3, the enemy amount increases usually by only a few though) and faster. There is also a health and armor degeneration system in TNE and Serious Sam Xbox, so that if your health or armor is above 100, it starts degenerating slowly, by 1 point at short intervals. Self damage is also enabled.

Suggested ForEdit

Hard is best played by players with at least some experience in Serious Sam games, not just FPS games, and have quick reflexes as well as have memorized most enemy spawn locations, which will make it easier for them to survive.