The Harpy in an enemy in Serious Sam 2.


Harpies are made from a mixture of chicken legs from the defunct Sirian Fried Chicken, floating entities in pods, Flying Kleer wings, and other parts. They were scheduled to be sock models, but instead were sent to guard Cecil the Dragon.

Harpies have two attacks; fire an egg-shaped projectile and kick the player. Harpies greatly prefer to use their melee attack instead of firing projectiles.


  • A Harpy flock will usually attempt to get close to the player before trying to use their melee attack. This makes the Harpies very vulnerable to attacks.
  • The XM214-A Minigun works best against flocks of Harpies. It's rapid fire can quickly shred through a flock, and the damage amount each bullet does major damage to a Harpy.
  • Close range harpies attacking the player can easily be dealt with by using the Double Shotgun. One close-range blast will always kill a Harpy.
  • Harpies can be a threat if left unchecked because of their numbers. Therefore, the player should try to split his time between thinning out a Harpy flock and attacking more powerful enemies so that the Harpies don't suddenly attack the player and inflict a large amount of damage because of how many are attacking the player.

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