The Hatchling Antaresian Spider are newborn Antaresian spiders. Unlike their Juvenile counterparts, they have weaker jaws and underdeveloped exoskeletons.

Appearance Edit

Hatchling Spiders look much like juveniles, but are more orange-brown in appearance, with small red eyes. Their jaws also differ slightly from juvenile spiders.


The hatchlings appear in large packs, and are also found in cocoons. These cocoons can be destroyed with one bullet. However, when a cocoon is destroyed with a firearm, it alerts other spiders in the vicinity, causing other cocoons to hatch and thus spawning more Hatchling Spiders. Most of the Hatchling enemies are found in early levels and The Lost Temples of Nubia.

NETRISCA informationEdit

"Antaresian Spiders originate from Antares Prime, located in the hearth of the Scorpius constellation. Antares is a red super-giant star featuring gigantic planets and gigantic organisms living on them. The jaws in hatchlings are not yet developed, so one individual is not very dangerous. Still, they can be deadly if they swarm you. Glands in their tail can quickly produce large quantities of poisonous acid and squirt it across a distance to unsuspecting prey. The exoskeleton in hatchlings is still underdeveloped, thus they can be easily be squashed if stepped onto with all your weight. Like many other arachnids, Antaresian spiders have adhesive surfaces on their feet, allowing them to cling to walls and ceilings.

Attacks and statsEdit

Hatchlings have the ability to walk on the floor and climb walls and ceilings. Its primary attacks are to fire acid balls at a distance while getting close to the player. If they get close to the player, they will bite them. A swarm of hatchlings biting the player can cause a lot of damage if they are not killed soon after.

If the player is close to a spider, pressing the use button (E by default) will make Sam squash the spider with his foot killing it instantly.


  • A single Hatchling can be killed any weapon. However, the SOP38 Pistol, 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun and the Sledgehammer work best, as they use very little to no ammo.
  • The melee attack is very handy for killing a single Hatchling without using any ammo. This should only be done if there are no other enemies close to the player, as the melee animation makes the player briefly vulnerable when performing it.
  • When faced with Hatchling cocoons, a combination of sledgehammer and melee attacks work best to eliminate them. They should be shot only when there are a few of them left, as a small amount of Hatchlings are easy to deal with.
  • Groups of Hatchlings can easily be dispatched with either the 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun or M29 Infantry Assault Rifle. One shotgun blast can easily kill multiple Hatchlings, while the assault rifle can slice through a group of them thanks to its good rate of fire and damage.
  • With groups of enemies, the Hatchling is little more than a nuisance. As long as the player is moving in a direction, they're harmless. If they get close, the player can simply sprint away from them. Therefore, they are a low priority when mixed with other enemies.

Appearance statisticsEdit

The below list shows how many of this enemy type appears in each game, per difficulty and either single or co-op mode.

GamesTourist, Easy and Normal Single PlayerHard and Mental single playerSerious Difficulty single playerTourist, Easy and Normal Co-opHard and Mental Co-OpSerious Co-Op
Serious Sam 3: BFE383387387395399399

Related achievementsEdit

Name and Icon Description Notes
Bug Hunt

Bug hunt

Squash 10 Hatchling spiders. -
Kung-fu Fighter

Kung-fu fighter

Perform all possible finishing moves in the game. Rip a Gnaar's eye out, a Rocketeer's heart out, a Kleer's head off, a Scrapjack's face off, a Juvenile Spider's carapace, squash a Hatchling Spider and break a Soldier's neck.



See alsoEdit

Juvenile Antaresian Spider - the larger variation of this enemy.