"Oh, poor baby. Did somebody step on your anthill?"
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Hatchling Arachnoids are newborn Arachnoids equipped with a chaingun, unlike those of their adult counterparts. They also lack armor plating that the adults are equipped with. Despite this, they are still deadly in numbers.


During the war on Earth, Mental's forces began to take heavy casualties, despite humanity having suffered a similar fate. As a result, Mental had to resort to using younger Arachnoids to satisfy the demand for fresh forces.

As Hatchling Arachnoids are still developing, they have weaker exoskeletons than adults, and also do not have augmented armor implanted onto their bodies or built-in chainguns. Instead, the Hatchling amputated one of its arms and replaced it with a chaingun.

A Hatchling's major weakness is that their necks have not fully developed yet, so one can snap it with enough strength, instantly killing the Hatchling. Hatchlings can also deliver a powerful sting if they are within close proximity to the player.

NETRISCA description Edit

"As the war on Earth wore on, Mental had to start pulling younger and younger specimen to satisfy the demand for fresh forces. In younger specimen, the exoskeleton covers the entire body, but is not as tough as that of adults. As they cannot implant augmented armor while they are still growing, juveniles cut one arm off and mount a gun in its place. Their thin neck is a weak spot in juvenile Arachnoids. Their tail sting is a powerful weapon. Stay away from it at all times."

Attacks and statsEdit

Arachnoid Abu Simbel

A Hatchling Arachnoid in Abu Simbel.

An individual Hatchling is not much of a threat, but in groups, they can be just a dangerous as adults. What makes them even more dangerous is the fact that they can walk over debris, such as rubble. They follow the same attack pattern as their adult counterparts do; when they spot the target, they will open fire with their chaingun, then stop, wait a few seconds, and fire again.

As mentioned, Sam can snap their necks thanks to the Melee Grab feature, killing the Arachnoid instantly.


  • Long range weapons, such as the M29 Infantry Assault Rifle, work best against the Hatchling. These weapons give the distance necessary for some of their bullets to miss, while you can hit them with very high or perfect accuracy.
  • Medium-range Hatchlings can be killed with the XPML21 Rocket Launcher. One shot will gib a Hatchling, and rockets don't take long to travel to their target at medium range. The player may take some damage while the rocket is travelling to the Arachnoid, but this can be avoided by hiding behind something or briefly running away from its field of vision.
  • Close range Hatchlings can be killed with either the Double Barrel Coach Gun or a one-hit kill melee attack. Note that going for a melee kill is a little more dangerous than a double-barrel shotgun kill, as the player needs to be right next to the Hatchling in order to do it. This puts them at higher risk of being hit by part of a surprise burst. Melee attacks are still often doable as they tend to appear in locations with significant amount of cover (like in the beginning of Together Forever level).
  • Groups of Arachnoids can be dispatched with either the assault rifle, C-4 Demolition Charge or the rocket launcher. The assault rifle works for quickly clearing out Arachnoids because of it's instant-hit bullets, while the rocket can be used to quickly lob a rocket at each Arachnoid, killing it instantly. Groups of Arachnoids packed together are very vulnerable to a C-4 charge, especially if it's very close to them. It's very possible for one C-4 to completely wipe out a group of them, depending on how close they are to each other.
  • When paired with other enemies, the Hatchling can be quite irritating because of all the bullets they spam. It should be one of the first enemies targeting in order to prevent it from whittling down the player's health while fighting off other enemies, especially if there are multiple Hatchlings or when having low health.

Related achievementsEdit

Kung-fu fighter Kung-fu Fighter
Perform all possible finishing moves in the game.
Scorpion slayer Scorpion Slayer
Break 5 Arachnoid necks.


  • Some of the Hatchling's sounds come from the ScorpSoldier.
  • Sometimes the coach gun won't always kill the Hatchling in one shot, instead it will lose half of its health, though this depends on how close the Arachnoid is to the player and if all the pellets connect.
  • Snapping a Hatchling Arachnoid's neck requires a force of at least 40 pounds.


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