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"Come on Sam, you know I'm more of a minigun girl."
―Hellfire flirting with Sam.[src]

Fiona "Hellfire" Starr was an ethnically-ambiguous pilot who worked for the Earth Defense Force. She appeared to be a fan of risky situations, as she was one of the few pilots that still flew around after Mental had nearly overrun Earth.


Hellfire was a member of the Earth Defense Force. Unlike other pilots of the EDF, she didn't wear a standard EDF flight suit; instead, she wore a stained white tank-top and a pair of jeans.

At the end of The Silent Riddler, she appeared in an UH-60 Black Hawk in order to fly Sam to Karnak so that he could start activating the power generators for the Time-Lock. On the way, Sam and Hellfire flirted, suggesting that there was a thing between them. When she dropped Sam off at Karnak, she asked if he needs any help, but he stated that he didn't need any help. She then flew back off to headquarters.


Hellfire and Gnaar

A Gnaar sneaks up on Hellfire moments before it kills her.

Much later, after Sam traveled through The Lost Temples of Nubia, he managed to contact HQ, but Hellfire answered instead. She was relieved to know that Sam was alive, but this time she was in trouble; she told Sam that headquarters had been overrun by a sneak attack of Mental's forces. 

She also mentioned that Quinn had been killed and Charlie Team were out of commission. She also told Sam that he should find a safe place and hole up, if anyone survives, they will look for him. Whilst she's talking to him, a Gnaar sneaks up on her from a roof and presumably kills her. Despite Hellfire's advice, Sam decided to take Team Charlie's mission on his own and fight his way to the Time-Lock.

Even if Hellfire did survive her encounter with the Gnaar, she would have died regardless when the Earth was destroyed by the Moon.


  • Of all the pilots in Serious Sam 3: BFE, she was the only one that was not killed by having her helicopter shot down by Mental's Horde.
  • Despite stating that she is "more of a minigun girl", Hellfire can be seen equiped with a rocketlauncher on Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass official poster.