Hilarious Harry is a bald white male wearing a tan shirt with a tanner and large vest over it. Harry was going to be Serious Sam's model, but Croteam decided to stick to the original design.


Hilarious Harry is a multiplayer character in Serious Sam 1, Serious Sam HD and Serious Sam 3: BFE.

According to his description, he “is the model formally known as Sam." Croteam: "He was actually a second iteration. First early look was how it looks now, as per my original design. However, we got some user feedback, along with some team members dissatisfied with the look and the fact that red sneakers, blue jeans and white shirt were silly to them, so I okayed the change to make it more 'realistic'. However, when we showed that new look in screenshots to fans, there was a lot of uproar and almost all demanded to revert it back to original look, as they said it had a character, compared to 'realistic' one."