I Am Ugh-Zan Difficulty is a difficulty featured in Serious Sam Classics: Revolution

I Am Ugh-Zan Difficulty
Default Health and Armor


Max Health and Armor



Degeneration if armor or health is above 100 (TNE, Xbox).

Self Damage?


Enemy Count

Much higher than the average.

Score Multiplier

50 (HD:TFE), 51 (HD:TSE, SS3)

Ammo Multiplier

x2 (SS1), x1 (SS3)

Enemy Health Multiplier

x1 (SS1, SS3), x1.25 (SS2)

Enemy Damage Multiplier

x2 (SS1, SS2), x2.5 (SS3)

Enemy Speed Multiplier

x1.25 (SS1, SS2, SS3), x1.125 (Xbox version of SS2)

Enemy "Think Frequency" Multiplier (the higher it is, the faster they act)

x1.25 (SS1, SS2, SS3), x1.125 (Xbox version of SS2)

Enemy Initial Delay Multiplier (Delay before they detect player)

x1 (SS1, SS3), x0.25 (PC version of SS2), x0.5 (Xbox version of SS2)

Auto-aim Factor (1 means no autoaim, above 1 means there is autoaim, below 1 means inaccuracy)

1.0 (SS1, SS3), 0.8 (SS2)

Previous Difficulty

Mental Difficulty



This difficulty level is based on Serious Difficulty, although some monsters may randomly modified:

  • A flaming enemy that damages the player will inflicts damage over time.

As with Mental, the difficulty level is locked until you complete one of the final levels on serious difficulty.



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