Jetpack 3

Allows the user to fly


Serious Sam 3: BFE

"Hehe, who needs choppers."
~ Serious Sam after obtaining the Jetpack.

The Jetpack is an item in Serious Sam 3: BFE.


The Jetpack is a medium-sized metal object with two pipes coming out of it with Mental's logo on each side. When equipped, it lets the user fly upwards to a certain level. In addition, the user's speed when flying with the Jetpack is notably faster than just walking.

In the DLC, Jewel of the Nile, The first Jetpack can be found in the chapter Born Again in the weapons depot, where Sam needs to use it to cross over the dam and other high obstacles in the area.

The second one can be found at the end of The Guardian of Time, inside one of the buildings in the temple area. Sam needs to use it to fight against Ugh Zan IV. In the end, he uses it to hover to the Time-Lock so he can enter it.


  • When using the Jetpack, make sure to keep an eye on the overheating meter. If the meter gets too high, the player will be forced to land and stay on the ground for a few second until the meter cools down.


  • The Jetpack is actually taken from Serious Sam II's Orc Commander flying variant, but instead is recolored gray.
  • The Mental logo on the Jetpack is the same one that appears on the Kozak Helicopter from Serious Sam II.
  • If you fly far enough into the open desert to provoke the Sand Whale, the Jetpack will conveniently overheat instantly and won't cool down until you return to solid ground.


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