"Research don't kill aliens, big guns do."

Pvt. Jones was a member of team Alpha, and a soldier of the Earth Defense Force. He appeared to be skeptical of professor Stein's apparent information and research to help power the Time-Lock to aid in killing Mental in the past, opting for a more head-to-head approach. His preferred weapon was the AS-24 Devastator.


Jones, along with Rodriguez and Sam, were sent to extract Professor Stein from a museum in Cairo.

When team Alpha's helicopter was shot down, he and Rodriguez survived the crash and tried to fend off against Mental's Horde. When Sam responded to the call he thought it was Rodriguez, it turned out to be Jones himself calling Sam to inform him that Rodriguez has been killed. However, his call was then interrupted by a Beheaded Kamikaze and he is assumed to have been killed by its explosion.

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