The Jump Pad is an item in Serious Sam: Double D.


The Jump Pad is a small, circular metal pad with a red circle in the middle of it. When something walks over it, it will make the player jump up higher than they would if they just jumped normally. It can be thrown by hitting the right mouse button. The Jump Pad will attach to any surface at any angle except for when it's thrown onto a moving enemy. The Pad can be thrown anytime and has no cooldown period between throws.

The player can “wall jump” with the Jump Pad if two walls are very close to each other. First, toss a Jump Pad and run into it. At the last second right before hitting the Pad, face the other wall. When the player hits the pad, they will be shot to the next wall. While in the air, toss another Jump Pad at the direction that the player is facing. When the player hits the next Jump Pad, switch direction and it will send the player in the direction the Jump Pad is facing. Repeat this until the player has reached their destination.

The Jump Pad is obtained in Amber Chambers.


  • The Jump Pad is very useful for reaching secret areas. Some secret areas require the player to use a Jump Pad in order to reach a location they otherwise couldn't get to.
  • A Jump Pad can be put on a dead enemy's body in order to jump higher than they could normally.
  • ”Wall Jumping” is essential for the player to reach a few secrets, so the player should get some practice in whenever they can.
  • Monsters will automatically jump if they touch a pad. However, this provides no real advantage against enemies, so there's no real need to use it against them. Laser beams and bullets will also bounce off to another direction when they touch a pad.