Kleer Kenny (Kleer Kurt)
Kleerkenny hd

Kleer Skeleton




Any weapon he can find

Games it appears in

Serious Sam 1, Serious Sam HD

Kleer Kenny (or Kleer Kurt) is a player model in Serious Sam 1 and Serious Sam HD.


Kleer Kenny is a Kleer Skeleton that is walking on it's hind legs and uses his front legs to hold and fire a gun. Why he is fighting against Mental is unknown.

In Deathmatch and other versus game modes, Kleer Kenny is a popular model because it is harder to see him than most of the other models. In Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter, a large glowing stone was put in the middle of his body in order to give people using him less of an advantage.



  • In Serious Sam HD, his model was not updated to use the new Kleer Skeleton model.
  • For a Kleer, Kleer Kurt/Kenny has thumbs on his "FrontLegs", a normal Kleer dosen't have thumbs.

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