"My flaming fists of fury will destroy you fiend, ha ha ha! God, who writes this stuff?"
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Kukulkán, or the Wind God is a boss that appears in Serious Sam: the Second Encounter and Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter.


Kukulkán is a large transcendent creature made out of wind. At first, he appears to be a small, human-shaped creature made out of red wind. However, when he takes a certain amount of damage, he will become larger. The more damage he takes, the larger he becomes. During the last phase, Kukulkán will be extremely large and take up about half of the arena.

Kukulkán's only attack is to toss tornadoes at the target. If either the player or an enemy is caught in the tornado, they will be tossed and carried up in it. At first, the tornadoes will be small, toss around the player a little bit and do no damage. However, the more damage Kukulkán takes, the larger his tornadoes will be, the more they will toss something around and the more damage they will do. Near the end of the fight, his tornadoes will be enormous and will be able to toss even Major Bio-mechanoids around with ease.

NETRISCA descriptionEdit

”An ancient Mayan Deity, Kukulkán has nothing to do with Mental at all. In fact he is a good god indeed. It is believed that Kukulkán controls wind so he is very favored by the Mayans. However, he is also the guardian of a portal that the Sirians left, and one must say a very serious one! Kukulkán cannot be destroyed - but he is a fair player - when defeated he will evaporize into thin air and open the portal for the victor as a sign of respect. He is truly a god in every possible way.”


  • Kukulkán is only vulnerable to explosive weapons, the XL2 Lasergun or the P-LAH Chainsaw. Use bullet-firing weapons to clear out the enemies that spawn during the fight in order to save explosive ammo.
  • Tornadoes will grab projectiles and toss them around the arena. This can become quite irritating later in the fight when the Kukulkán starts tossing large tornadoes. In the later phases, spamming projectiles to make sure at least one or two will hit Kukulkán or using a Serious Speed power-up to be positioned so that the player will be away from his tornadoes and work to overcome his large tornadoes later in the fight. However, the tornadoes will also toss enemy projectiles, which can be useful for avoiding enemy projectiles late in the fight.
  • New sets of enemies in the arena will appear only after Kukulkán has taken enough damage. This can be exploited by starting the fight and killing every enemy that spawns. When no more enemies spawn, start attacking Kukulkán until more enemies appear. When those enemies appear, stop attacking Kukulkán and start wiping out the enemies. After those enemies are dead, repeat until there are no more enemies spawning. Doing this gets rids of the biggest threat during the boss fight, the enemies, without being overwhelmed and allows the player to get more points that they would if they made defeating Kukulkán their only priority.
  • If there are too many enemies in the arena, use a Serious Bomb. It will kill everything except Kukulkán, which should give the player enough room to land a few hits on Kukulkán before more enemies spawn in.
    • Still use them sparingly though, as a Serious Bomb is the only weapon besides the Military Knife, Revolver, and in Serious Sam Revolution, Ghostbuster, that Sam can carry over across timelines.
  • Serious Speed power-ups are scattered throughout the arena. Use these to outrun enemy projectiles.
  • Ammo shouldn't be a problem, as plenty of ammo packs will spawn in during the battle.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kukulkán appears to be a boss version of the Air Elemental, an enemy removed from Serious Sam: The First Encounter. It's internal name is “AirElemental”, and the code for its tornadoes in the original The Second Encounter is the exact same code used for the Air Elemental's projectiles;

At some point in development, the player was meant to fight the Mayan rain god Chac instead, as shown by Kukulkán's theme being called ChacTheme.ogg in the game files.