LM32 Rocket Launcher
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The LM32 Rocket Launcher is a weapon in Serious Sam: Double D.


The LM32 Rocket Launcher fires a rocket straight ahead when the fire key is pressed. When the rocket hits something, it will explode, damaging anything near the impact site. These rockets do a large amount of damage on a direct impact, but the explosion damage is lower than a direct impact.

It can be used to rocket jump. Look down, then fire and jump at the same time.


  • The Rocket Launcher is a very useful against enemies with a large amount of health. It does a high amount of damage per rocket, and it has a fast enough fire rate that it can deliver a lot of rockets quickly.
  • It's large ammo reserve, combined with it's good rate of fire, makes it useful for eliminating hordes of enemies quickly. Combining it with weapons like the Tommy Gun and the 12 Gauge Shotgun and more will give the player more than enough firepower to wipe out a horde.
  • When combined with other strong weapons like the XL4 Lasergun, the Rocket Launcher is extremely deadly, and can quickly kill everything but bosses quickly. Putting multiple Rocket Launchers with the previously-mentioned powerful weapons can utterly devastate even bosses.
  • Using the rocket launcher when enemies are very close to the player isn't a good idea, as the explosion from each rocket will harm the player. This can easily lead to the player unintentionally committing suicide, especially if multiple Rocket Launchers are being fired.
  • Putting Rocket Launchers near the top of a stack isn't a good idea, as the rocket will hit the roof in tight spaces, inflicting self-damage to the player.
  • Rocket Launcher ammo is rare in the Ancient Egypt chapter, so it should be used sparingly in that chapter.
  • Multiple Rocket Launchers allow the player to fly farther while doing a rocket jump at the expense of more health taken away per jump. This can be useful for reaching secrets that would otherwise be difficult to reach for various reasons.


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