Last Man Standing is a multiplayer game mode in Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter and Serious Sam 3: BFE.


Last Man Standing is Deathmatch with a twist. If someone is killed, they are out of the game for the rest of a round. The last person that survives wins the round. After the round ends, everybody is respawned and a new round starts. The person that wins the most rounds is the unofficial winner of the match.

Last Man Standing can be played in any deathmatch level.


  • If the player is one of the last few players, they should be much more cautious and not run headfirst into areas with the Military Knife out. Doing so could have them run straight into the crosshairs of an enemy player and get killed. Instead, they should try to stay back and try to stay in one area so that they can wipe out anyone foolish to run into the room they're controlling.
  • Be very careful when walking around in this game mode. Getting killed has much more severe penalties than in other game modes.