The Lava Golem is an enemy in Serious Sam: Double D.


The Lava Golem is a large creature made out of lava rock that rbounces on a pogo stick. Its only “attack” is to jump into the air and try to land on the player. Every time the Golem jumps, it will leave a small pile of lava rocks from where it jumped from. These rocks do little damage if someone walks over them. When killed, it will leave a small pile of lava rocks.


  • The Lava Golem can be avoided by running past it while it's in the air. The lava rocks it leaves when it jumps can easily be jumped over by the player.
  • Charged up MadDog Grenade Launcher shots (preferably multiple Grenade Launchers), along with supplementary rapid-fire weapons like the XL4 Lasergun. work best against the Lava Golem. The charged up Grenade Launcher is one of the few weapons that can inflict a large amount of damage on the Lava Golem, while the rapid-fire weapons will soften up the Golem for the next volley of charged up grenades.
  • Because of its high health, it's best to just avoid the Lava Golem. He is easy to avoid, and he takes far too much ammo to kill. Ammo that'd be used to kill a Lava Golem is better spent on other enemies.
  • When paired with other enemies, the Lava Golem is a low threat. Its attacks are very easy to dodge and the lava rocks it leaves when it jumps do little damage if the player accidentally walks over them. The biggest problem is that it can get the player's focus and make them waste ammo killing it instead of focusing on other enemies.