The Lava Rocks Gun is a cut Serious Sam: The First Encounter weapon, actually hailing from the Beta of TFE.


Nothing is known about the Lava Rocks Gun's appearance; as the only information known is the fact that it was set to shoot fast small hot rock projectiles at enemies. It would be most likely obtained on the Lava Planet, but this has not been confirmed. The Lava Rocks Gun had the "barrel" part which might be the same as one of the weapons Ugh-Zan III held.


The Lava Rocks Gun was scrapped in very early design stages, as its firing characteristics were too similar to the XL2 Lasergun's, so, Croteam decided they didn't need both. Only known about his look is its barrel part which might actually be the one of Ugh-Zan III's weapons. No listing exists about the lava rocks gun.

Coding for the animations being named "LavaRock01" exist in Serious Sam 1 SDK.