The Leikung Warrior is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


The Leikung Warrior is a human with a mask, large blue hair and very long arms. It originally was a servant of Leikung, the god of thunder, but were eventually absorbed into Mental's army. Their loyalty to Leikung has transferred to Mental, making them very dangerous opponents.

The Warrior has two attacks; a melee attack with a lighting-infused blade and throwing blades at the target if they're too far away for a melee attack.


  • The Warrior will rarely charge the player, so all the player needs to worry about is dodging their thrown blades
  • Their thrown blades can be dodges by strafing in the opposite direction they're being thrown at.
  • One or two Warriors can be easily defeated by the Double-Barrel Shotgun. It is large enough that all of the pellets will connect if used at short range, and the shotgun is a one-hit kill against them.
  • Larger groups can be eliminated with either the Shofield Uzi Pistols or XM4000 Minigun. Their high rates of fire allow the player to quickly tear through them.
  • In later Feudal China levels, Leikung Warriors are placed on top of pillars in order to annoy the player while they're dodging other enemy's attacks. A quick RAPTOR Sniper Rifle shot or the XM4000 Minigun can quickly take care of them.

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