The Lizard is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam 2.


The Lizard is an enemy found on various planets throughout the game, usually involving surroundings of water. They are most often found swarming in packs and spawn from eggs that are thrown from sewer pipes or fall from trees. Sometimes they can also be hiding in crates. There are smaller variants of this type, however there are no major differences other than it's speed and height.

They have only one attack, a biting melee attack. Very similar to the Gnaar.


  • Since their only attack is melee, simply stay away from them and kill them from a distance.
  • The Auto Shotgun is the more proper approach to these enemies. Even at a distance they can still do a fair amount of damage to these creatures.
  • If you have a choice between killing a Lizard or a larger threat, you should definitely kill the Lizards first, but as fast as possible. While they're roaming around, you'll be losing health slowly, but considering they hunt in packs you could be in for death.

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