Luxor is a level in Serious Sam: The First Encounter.


After NETRICSA said she's found a lot of information involving a ritual with the Amon-Ra sign, and "an obelisk would rise (which was a transmitter), and "Gods" (the Sirian Spaceship) would come from the Sky (Space), and would illuminate a beam of light (laser beam) at The Great Pyramid", Sam must activate this Obelisk and head for the Great Pyramid as soon as possible.


  1. On the left side of Luxor, where you pick up the Golden Heart, in the first area, there's a building with a health bottle inside it. You need to pick up the health bottle , not just walk over it (which means that this Secret cannot be achieved on Tourist difficulty, unless you damage yourself below 200 health points and quickly collect the bottle before health regenerates up to 200 points), and some enemies will spawn, and the ceiling will lower. Once the ceiling drops, collect all the items on it.
  2. Before you exit the left side of Luxor, when you have the heart, go to the right corner next to the exit to find a bouncer. Use it to bounce up and get a health bottle. There's another bouncer behind the health bottle, use it to get to the roof of the opposite building.
  3. While on the roof of the opposite building from #2, there is a differently colored wall. Blow it up to find some ammo.
  4. On the right side of Luxor, where you pick up the Feather, in the first area, there are 5 pillars. Use the SBC Cannon to blow up the pillar on the left, in front of you as you enter, and the pillar back in the right. This will spawn some ammo on the last destroyed pillar's position.
  5. When you enter the area where you get the feather, immediately turn and walk left. There's a bounce pad that will take you to a +100 health in an alley.
  6. Before leaving the right side of Luxor, with the feather, turn around and jump on the adjacent building of the door. You'll see a differently colored part on it. Shoot it to lower a platform, which will take you to a secret room with some enemies and items. Shoot it again to rise it. You can do this indefinitely.
  7. In the spike bit, jump in its center. You will get teleported into a secret place before you are killed by the spikes.
  8. After you collect all ankhs in the final area, when you walk towards the door, immediately turn left and head for the other door, which will lead you to the Sacred Yards.


  • In Serious Sam Xbox, Luxor has different music compared to its PC version, as its original music is used for Karnak.
  • In the center area, between the area with the Golden Heart and the area with the Feather of Truth, if you shoot the giant statue with the Rocket Launcher, it will damage it, and Kleer Skeletons will pop out.

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