The MK IV Grenade Launcher is a grenade launcher that appears in Serious Sam 2. It is the successor to the MK III Grenade Launcher.


The MK 4 fires one grenade each time the fire key is pressed. Grenades will either explode upon contact with an enemy or three seconds after it has been fired. Grenades will bounce against a wall if it hits one.

If a grenade fired by the player touches you, it will explode upon contact, which you can take damage from. The grenade launcher can be charged up, which will affect the trajectory of the grenade, and how much damage the grenade will deal to a target.

If fired without charging up, the grenade will be about as powerful as a rocket and will not go very far, but a fully charged grenade will do more damage than a rocket and will go very fast.


  • The MK IV's grenades significantly bounce more than the grenades fired by the MK III Grenade Launcher, making lobbing grenades around corners much more useful and practical because of the improved physics system.
  • Charged up grenades can be very useful against medium-strength foes because of its power and speed, but the player should remember that, if a grenade misses, there is a chance of the grenade flying back because of how fast it is.
  • Like the MK III Grenade Launcher, uncharged grenades can be used to take down tightly-packed groups of weak enemies, such as Orc Grunts.
  • Charged up grenades are not recommended to be used in tight spaces because of the possibility of splash damage and because how fast the grenade is. A fast grenade bounces around longer, making a missed shot very dangerous.


  • The MK 4's ammo model is the same as the model used for the MK III's ammo in Serious Sam 1.


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