The MadDog Grenade Launcher is a grenade launcher that appears in Serious Sam: Double D.


The MadDog Grenade Launcher is a red weapon that fires red, round bouncy grenades. These grenades will explode either when they hit an enemy or after a few seconds. Grenades can hurt the user if they explode on or near the user.

This weapon can be charged up by holding down the fire key. After being held down for a few seconds, the gun will automatically fire the grenade. The longer the fire key is held down, the more damage and the larger the grenade is. A grenade charged to its maximum is about twice as large and does much more damage than a regular grenade does.

When the golden version of the grenade launcher is unlocked, the grenades do double damage and are about as twice as large as a normal grenade.


  • The bouncy nature of the MadDog's grenades makes it dangerous to use in close quarters. It's very possible that a grenade will bounce back and explode either on or near the player.
  • This weapon is a nice supplement for a gunstack that's using the LM32 Rocket Launcher. The extra explosive damage from the grenade launcher can help kill enemies faster, especially strong ones like the Spider or the Lava Golem.
  • Charged up grenades can be very damaging, especially if multiple ones hit the target at once. This is a handy for taking out powerful enemies. However, charging up grenades prevents the player from spamming rockets, making that tactic less useful when paired with the rocket launcher that just spamming them would.
  • If the player wants to use charged up grenades, rapid fire weapons such as the Thompson Submachine Gun or the XL4 Lasergun work well on the same gunstack. The guns will continue to fire while the grenades are charging up, softening up enemies while the grenades are prepped.
  • Putting the grenade launcher higher on a gunstack is a good idea, as it prevents a cannon-fodder enemy such as the Gnaar or Beheaded Rocketeer from running up to the grenade launcher, preventing the grenade from hitting someone else and damaging the player because of how close the grenade's explosion was to the player.

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