Magnor is a planet that appears in Serious Sam 2. It has perhaps some of the most diverse locations seen in the Serious Sam series, as it contains three distinct environments that are visited by the player.


The most prominent people on this planet appears to be the Zixies, as they are the ones guarding the planet's medallion piece and are the only native people seen on the planet during gameplay.

Magnor also appears to have some advanced technology, as the Seagull Fighter was developed on this planet, then taken by Mental for his own purposes. It is unknown if this technology was made by the Zixes, or by another people.

This planet is visited by Serious Sam during the events of Serious Sam 2 in order to retrieve the Medallion piece held by the Zixies.

Notable locationsEdit

Magnor has three environments that have been seen so far; the swamps, the treetops, and the giant junkyard.


The vast majority of the planet's surface appear to be covered in swamps. There doesn't seem to be any large pools of water, as enemies such as the T-Mech have been observed walking on the water-filled areas from far away. Some of the water can be poisonous to anyone that walks in it, but it's impossible to tell if it's poisonous or not until someone actually walks onto the poisonous water.

There are also industrial buildings on this part of the planet. It is most likely Mental who made these buildings, as the cutscene (before you are teleported into Magnor) says. It could also be whomever made the Seagull Fighter that Mental found also made the bases.


The treetops are located far above the planet’s swamps. This is the Zixie's home. Various platforms can be seen attached to the trees. Each platform has several homes on it, which vary in shape and sizes. Each of the housing areas appear to be connected to other ones by bridges or lifts, depending on how far away they are. There are also various paintings on the tree trunks, most likely made by the Zixies. This area appears to be ruled by the Zixie Shaman.

There is also an industrial area, most likely where the Zixies turn wood into usable material for their own purposes. Next to the industrial area is the ritual center, which has a piece of the medallion in the center of it.

Giant junkyardEdit

The Giant Junkyard is a grassy and bright area filled with very large versions of normal items, such as wrenches, cigarette butts, bottles and even a keyboard. Plant life and mushrooms also appear to be much larger as well. It's unknown what species made these items, or whether they still exist. The items are large enough that your average human can walk through them, which makes it possible to navigate through the Junkyard.

The Giant Junkyard appears to be the home of ZumZum, a very large bee/wasp creature that stole the Zixie's Medallion piece when Serious Sam went to retrieve it.


Trivia Edit

  • There is a small village called Magnor in Norway, which could be a reference to the name of this planet.