For the Major Biomechanoid in other games, see Major Biomechanoid.

The Major Biomechanoid is an enemy in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


The Major Biomechanoid is a cyborg grown in Mental's labs. It is a brain-like creature with metal legs and a rocket launcher on each side of it. Part of its legs and the tentacle coming from its head are colored red. It is much larger than its cousin, the Minor Biomechanoid. It has much more health than the Minor Biomechanoid, which allows it to endure attacks that would kill its smaller cousin in one hit.

Its only attack is to fire powerful rockets. It will fire a rocket from its right launcher, then a second or two later, fire another one from its left launcher. It will then walk up a bit, then repeat itself.


  • Strafing left or right is enough to dodge the Major's rockets.
  • When fighting a Major, make sure not to have a wall close to your back. Rockets that strike the wall near the player's back can still do damage via the rocket's explosion.
  • The RAPTOR Sniper Rifle is extremely effective against the Major; one zoomed in shot will kill it.
  • If a RAPTOR is unavailable for whatever reason, a volley of four or so rockets from the XPML4000 Rocket Launcher will kill it. Remember that these rockets will take a while to get to the Major, especially if its far away.
  • The Sirian Power Gun is quite effective against Majors, especially if there are more than one attacking the player. Its high damage output is very useful for killing multiple Majors quickly if the player can't or won't use the RAPTOR Sniper Rifle for whatever reason.
  • Major Biomechanoids should be a high-priority target. Their rockets can be dangerous if they're left unchecked while dodging other enemies.

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