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For the Major Biomechanoid in other games, see Major Biomechanoid.

The Major Biomechanoid is an enemy in Serious Sam: The First Encounter, Serious Sam: The Second Encounter and Serious Sam HD.


Biomechanoid Majors are bipedal cyborgs with robotic chicken legs and a large red body that has two rocket launchers attached to its sides. They have been designed by Mental from the ground-up from avian DNA, allowing him to customize them to his needs. They run on a battery that can be recharged by hooking it up to an external power source.

A Major does not fire its rockets simultaneously, which can help it target a particularly mobile target. For example, if the player is strafing right and a rocket misses, then starts strafing left, the second missile will fire at the player even though they are going in the opposite direction. After firing two missiles, the Major will have a brief cool-down period, then start firing again.

Majors are one of the most deadly enemies in the game; they have high health and their rockets can inflict a lot of damage, especially if they explode close to the player.


  • A Major's rockets can be shot down with any weapon. This can be very useful if the player cannot dodge a rocket in time.
  • A charged up SBC Cannon shot can kill a Major in one hit. This is very useful if the player needs to pick off Majors quickly. Because charged up cannonballs can quickly travel across an area, this makes the Cannon useful against Majors at any range.
  • When not having a cannon, rockets and grenades are good options to take them out. The Lasergun and Minigun work well too, but it quickly depletes ammunition.
  • A Major is a very deadly enemy if left unchecked. Its rockets can inflict major damage, even with splash damage. It should be one of the first enemies targeted in a group of enemies, even if there are fast enemies like Kleer Skeletons following the player.
  • Majors have a different way of firing rockets in Serious Sam HD. Normally, they fired firstly from the left and then from the right. In HD, they fire first from the right, then from the left.
  • Jumping when Major Biomechanoids fire makes them fire rockets further away, thus reducing the chance of getting hit by splash damage of rockets hitting the ground.
  • Avoid standing near or in front of walls. Remember that rockets will explode on contact and the splash damage can hit you from behind or the side.
  • Major Biomechanoids should be a medium-priority target when paired with other enemies. Its attacks may be powerful but they are relatively easy to dodge, at least in open areas.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • An early model for the Major can be seen in Test 1. It is lower-poly, has a completely different skin and a rougher death animation. Also all earlier builds of Serious Sam had the same model as the one from Test 1.
  • Pre-Test 1 images and Serious Sam Origins show that the alpha Major was blue.




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