Marcel the Clown is an enemy in Serious Sam 2.


Marcel the Clown was an entertainer that ran “The Wazaro Freak Show”. After the show ended, Marcel had no money, so Mental offered to make a deadly clone army outfitted with explosive cakes out of Marcel in exchange for money. Marcel agreed.

Marcel's only attack is to use its high speed to quickly get to the player, then explode in front of the player.


  • A single Marcel can be taken out with the Colt Anaconda. Because of their low health, the player will be able to kill a Marcel without emptying the magazine.
  • Groups of Marcels can be taken out with any rapid-fire weapon, such as the Uzi or XM214-A Minigun. Very large groups should be dealt with by using the Minigun or XL 808 Plasma Rifle; the Uzi's fire rate is too low to destroy a large group of Marcels.
  • With other enemies, Marcel should be one of the first targeted enemies because of their speed and amount of damage they can do. If left unchecked, they can cause major damage and outright kill the player with ease in harder difficulties.

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