The Marsh Hopper is an enemy in Serious Sam: Double D.


The Marsh Hopper is a smallish green frog. It will constantly run towards a target. If it manages to touch the target, it will explode, causing damage to the target.

This enemy almost always appears in large groups. A few Marsh Hoppers exploding near someone can easily kill them, even if they have 100 health.


  • Rapid-fire weapons, such as the Thompson Submachine Gun, are the best weapons to use against Marsh Hoppers. They can be quickly cut down by the rapid fire gun's slew of projectiles they fire thanks to their very low health.
  • The best strategy for them it to avoid them as much as possible. They can inflict a significant amount of damage quickly and usually appear in close-quarters areas, making it extremely difficult to dodge their attacks. Try to move forwards while killing any frogs that are following the player or the occasional one or two Marsh Hoppers that try to get in front of the player. The large amount of damage Marsh Hoppers can do if multiple ones quickly attack is simply not worth fighting them for.
  • Marsh Hoppers are difficult to dodge because their large jump length makes it difficult to jump over them. In almost every case, killing them is much faster and easier than trying to dodge their jump attack.