The Martial Arts Zombie is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam 2. They are zombies that have been modified by Mental to serve as troops on the planet Chi Fang.


The Martial Arts Zombie is an undead soldier that works for Prince Chan. Their feet have been replaced with metal hooves and they have been given sawblades to throw at long-range threats.

Attacks and statsEdit

The Martial-Arts Zombie has two attacks; throw a sawblade and a melee attack. The sawblade is the Zombie's ranged attack, but it will usually try to get in close and use its melee attack, which propels it towards the player much like the Scythian Witch-Harpy's melee attack does. Merely touching a Zombie will be counted as a melee attack.


  • The sawblade can be quite dangerous because of how fast it is, so the player should always be on alert for them while fighting off Zombies.
  • The Double Shotgun is very effective against a single or small group of Martial Arts Zombies. One blast at up to medium range will kill it in one hit, and the short time between shots ensures that the player can quickly get off hits.
  • For large groups, the Uzi works best.
  • The Zombie's threat level depends on how many there are; if there are a few, they can be ignored for a bit while focusing on other enemies, but a large group of Zombies should be take out ASAP because dodging them can be very difficult.


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