"Oh God, never underestimate the power of stupid things in large numbers!"
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Mental's Horde is the name given to the forces that are controlled by Mental. They are incalculable in number and very dangerous, capable of overrunning almost every planet they attack. However, they generally lack tactics and often just charge into enemy lines of fire, meaning they lose enormous casualties in the process. This doesn't appear to obstruct them, however. They appear as the secondary antagonists throughout the Serious Sam series.



Mental's Horde is an extremely large army that consists of an unknown number of various species. These creatures seem to be made in very large numbers, which is possibly why Mental always manages to defeat any species he encounters. He also recruits primitive races in order to bolster his ranks. He has created agreements with creatures such as the Aludran Reptiloids in order for them to work for him and has even tampered with the evolutionary paths of some creatures so he can mold them into troops for his purpose.

Mental is the last of the Hum-Tah, a race of extremely powerful rulers of large, intergalactic empires. His predecessors had peacefully and wisely ruled the empires, but Mental was different. For some reason, he became dedicated to wiping out all intelligent life. He destroyed the empires, then disappeared for thousands of years.

In between these years, he would sleep and deactivate his forces, leaving some behind to detect any sign of intelligent life. When he detected them, he would awaken and activates his forces.

He uses several methods to coerce races into working with him. In the case of the Aludran Reptiliods, he offered them magical combat abilities. In other cases, such as the Zorgs, he simply paid for massive amounts of disposable troops. This isn't to say that Mental has no intelligent creatures working with and for him, however. Ugh-Zan III and Ugh-Zan IV appear to be intelligent enough to be considered as admirals in Mental's army, and Mordekai the Summoner was intelligent enough to properly use and research magic.

Teleportation Edit

Other than deploying troops onto planets such as Earth with the use of Alcor Class Warships, Mental is able to teleport his forces directly to any desired location, whether it be in Cairo, on an island, or deep underneath the Pyramid of Giza. Mental will usually teleport and deploy his forces in order to stop Sam whenever he is near his objective(s).

Not only is Mental capable of teleporting his forces at a specific location, he can also teleport them back onto a warship. An instance of this is when Sam fights a warship in Cairo. After defeating the warship, any troop(s) that survived the battle are immediately teleported back onto the warship (though it may not always be the same warship, as Sam destroyed a warship after the troops were deployed, so when they were teleported away, they were probably transported onto another warship).

Mental's horde on Earth Edit

Warship fleet

Large fleets of Alcor Class Warships invaded Earth, with each ship capable of carrying a large amount of Mental's troops.

The invasion of Earth Edit

During the 22nd century, Mental discovered Earth, and, as the planet harbored intelligent life, he deployed hundreds of Alcor Class Warships at his disposal, along with many vicious alien creatures, as part of his scheme to wipe out the human race. This lead to a three-year conquest that had driven humanity almost to the point of extinction.

In a last-ditch effort, the world leaders turned to the Time-Lock, a recently excavated device supposedly capable of granting a single person the ability of time travel via an inter-dimensional portal. Through it, that person could reach a pivotal point in time and alter events of the past. But as the device laid dormant, they had to first discover a means to activate it.

During the conflict humanity took massive casualties, though the exact number of this is unknown. It's possible that, due to military forces having lost or struggled to fight off against the invaders, the deaths were in the many millions. During the final stages of the war, it's clear that humanity had lost. Most or all of the inhabitants of Cairo had been wiped out by Mental, and it seems that all that was left was a small group of Earth Defense Force soldiers posted somewhat near Cairo. The humans had placed their last hope on the Time Lock, which was something that Mental seemed to be unaware of.

Genocide Edit

As part of his scheme to wipe out intelligent life, Mental and his alien horde will stop at nothing short of genocide in order to maintain control.

An instance of this is when Mental discovered the Ellian species, who had came across the remains of the old empires once ruled by the Hum-Tah and pieced together who Mental was. Before they could do anything, Mental returned and destroyed them, then disappeared soon afterwards.

Human killings Edit

Mental showed no remorse towards the human race, and sent its alien hordes to eliminate any intelligent life that stood in its way. Of course, the human military forces fought back against the alien invaders and tried repel their attacks, but they were no match against Mental's superior technology and the sheer number of his forces, and were eventually overrun by them.

As a result of the heavy casualties that humanity suffered, many cities became abandoned and there were little to no signs of life. Abandoned cars and other vehicles littered the streets, many houses and other buildings had been destroyed or reduced to rubble by the warships' scorcher beams, and the numerous supplies of ammunition and armor, as well as barricades in Cairo indicated that the city had recently become under siege by Mental's forces.

Finishing off humanity Edit

Moon hitting Earth

Having suceeded in almost overthrowing humanity, Mental hurled the Moon into the Earth to destroy the planet once and for all.

During Sam's journey to power up the Time Lock, Mental staged a final attack on the Earth Defense Force's headquarters, completely wiping it out. Now that the last bit of resistance had been taken out, Mental prepared to finish off humanity once and for all, by hurtling the Moon into the Earth.

However, Sam was not going to go down without a fight, and, as he manages to get towards the Time-Lock, Mental attempts to stall Sam long enough so that he can be crushed by the Moon by sending in huge amounts of his alien horde and even Ugh-Zan IV, one of his trusted subordinates, but Sam managed to defeat them, including the dreaded warlock.

As Sam headed towards the Time Lock, he decided to call Mental and threaten him, but instead, Mental's daughter, Judy, answered it. After a brief chit-chat, she told Sam about her dad blowing up the Earth with the Moon. Right afterwards, Sam saw the Moon hurtling towards the Earth, so he had no choice other than to quickly run into the Time Lock, right before the Moon hit and blew up the Earth. In this timeline, Mental managed to finish off humanity, just like all the other species that encountered him.


Mental utilizes both technology and magic in order to achieve his goals. The diversity can be seen in his army, where he uses cyborgs, executed enemy soldiers raised from the dead, reanimated skeletons of long extinct races, trained war animals, clones, creatures made out of pure magic, robots, mercenaries, or even plain vehicles.

For instance, when Mental found the Aludran Reptiloids, a race of four-armed reptilian creatures from the Aludran system, they agreed to join his army, and in return, gave them magical powers that allows them to conjure homing projectiles from their hands.

To bolster his ranks even further, Mental has gone as far as to tamper with the evolution of certain species, such as the Fiendian Reptiloid Demon. These creatures were once simple, lizard-like organisms from Fiendia Prime, until Mental found them and crossbred as well as mutated them through several generations, until they were reinforced with a titanium skeleton, which increased their endurance, thus making them formidable opponents.

Forces Edit

Female Gnaar SS3

The Gnaar is one of the many creatures that were trained by Mental to attack opposing forces.

Mental's horde consists of all kinds of creatures, including cyborgs, soldiers or mercenaries, vehicles, creatures made out of magic, and many more.

Infantry forces Edit

The majority of Mental's forces are made up of soldiers or light units. They are often equipped with advanced weaponry, such as laser or plasma rifles and other standard-issue firearms, while some are not very intelligent or organized. Despite this, Mental still decided to train them. Some of Mental's forces are suicidal, charging towards the enemy in the line of fire in order to get close to the target and then explode.

  • Beheaded Bomber: An executed Sirian soldier equipped with inflatable pocket bombs which it uses to toss at targets. The bombs explode on impact. When killed, the Bomber will blow up after a short delay.
  • Beheaded Firecracker: This variant of Sirian soldier is equipped with a magic missile launcher, which fires a spread of five magic missiles from its weapon.
  • Beheaded Kamikaze: An executed Sirian soldier that is controlled by an LCU (Life Control Unit). The head of the Kamikaze has been ruined, therefore, he is employed for suicidal attacks, in the form of fragmentation grenades.
  • Beheaded Rocketeer: An executed Sirian soldier that too, like the Beheaded Kamikaze, has also an implanted LCU. They are equipped with cheap, low power magic missile launchers that, while low in firepower, are equipped with a techno-magical ammunition replenisher, which gives them unlimited ammunition.
  • Cloned Soldier: A cybernetically modified clone of human soldier that are equipped with standard-issue pump-action shotguns and assault rifles.
  • Gnaar: An omnivorous mammal from the planet Sirius. They have one large eye and strong, clawed hands, which use they to attack targets with at close range.
  • Zorg Commander:A bipedal, skinless lizard-like creature that is armed with a laser rifle that fires five laser beams, which are spread out from the center of the gun to create a 110 degree angle spread.
  • Zorg Mercenary: A weaker variety of Zorg soldier which fires a two-round burst from its gun.
  • Zumb'ul: A large humanoid creature from the planet Ras-ad-Nyk that is armed with two plasma rocket launchers. Their fire two plasma rockets at an enemy from medium to far range, and they will whack the target with one of their launchers if they get too close.
Common Aludran Reptiloid SSHD

A Common Aludran Reptiloid, one of the many support units in Mental's horde.

Support units Edit

Mental's forces that mostly have ranged attacks, such as firing projectiles against targets from a distance. Others use chainguns and fire rapid volleys of bullets at the target. As such, these enemies are often placed far away, such as on rooftops or other high areas, or to sometimes support the attacking force.

  • Adult Arachnoid: A holy warrior from a primitive race evolved from arthropods. Their tough exoskeleton covers a large area of their body, and augment their bodies with armor plates for better protection. Augmented pincers in adults contain built-in chainguns. They can deliver a powerful sting if someone gets too close to it.
  • Alcor Class Warship: The most common of all Mental's spaceships, these ships are mainly used for troop deployment and basic "ground-scorching" with their scorcher beams, though they are not capable of complicated combat maneuvers or advanced attacks.
  • Common Aludran Reptiloid: A medium-sized, four-handed reptilian creature that casts green homing fireballs from their hands.
  • Fiendian Reptiloid Demon: A large, red demon-like creature. These enemies will toss balls of lava at the target from a distance. If the target gets too close, the Demon will slash at them with its claws.
  • Hatchling Arachnoid: A newborn Arachnoid equipped with a chaingun. As they are still developing, they have weaker exoskeletons than adults, and also do not have augmented armor implanted onto their bodies or built-in chainguns. Instead, the Hatchling amputated one of its arms and replaced it with a chaingun.
  • Highlander Aludran Reptiloid: A much larger and more dangerous version of the Aludran Reptiloids. Unlike the Common Aludran Reptiloid, Highlanders fire their projectiles at a much faster rate.
  • Khnum: A large, aggressive bipedal creature from Arietis Lambda, Khnums are very powerful and dangerous opponents, relying on their immense physical strength and size to crush everything in their way and smash anyone who dares to oppose them. At medium to far range, they will conjure fireballs and cast them at the target. At closer range, the Khnum will attempt to swipe or stomp on them.
  • Lava Golem: A pile of lava that was magically brought to life by Mental. These inorganic creatures throw lava fireballs at targets from far away, or slam the ground to the target at close range. If a medium or large-sized Lava Golem is killed, it will split into a smaller sized Golem.
  • Scrapjack: Low-grade model of Mental's forces, created from sewn-together parts salvaged from KIA units of various other models. It is armed with two rocket launchers, and with three selectable heads to choose from depending on the situation, it can exhibit different behaviors, ranging from bland attacking to berserking rage.
  • Scythian Witch-Harpy: A female clone of an extinct Scythian race that were created by Mental. They are trained in casting magic spells and close quarters combat.
  • Technopolip: The resulting product of an unknown polyzoic creature when it hijacks an AH-64 Apache. As such, it is able to use the helicopter's weapons against their targets, such as its machine gun or rockets. The helicopter's armor and the Technopolip's regenerative capabilities means it is unable to be taken down with small arms fire.
  • Witch-Bride of Achriman: A fallen sorceress of The Great Council who was mislead by the false promises of Mental's vassal Achriman, the ruler of the shadow plane. Now known as Witch-Brides of Achriman, they are trapped in the limbo between the shadow plane and the physical world. Their psychokinetic powers allow them to warp space in order to protect themselves or to crush their enemies.

Cyborgs Edit

Most of the cybernetic or robotic creatures that are part of Mental's forces have gone through extensive artificial or manufacturing processes, or were grown as biological mechanisms in Mental's bio-tanks. Some of these organisms have had their genome programmed to give them biologically grown mechanical parts.

  • Cucurbito the Pumpkin: Genetically engineered humanoid that wields a chainsaw and has a pumpkin for a head. It was made by Mental by combining elements his time-traveling agents found in 20th-century Earth, including Smashing Pumpkins albums, a copy of the Burt Reynold's movie Deliverance, and a copy of Lumberjack Digest.
  • Exotech Larva: An insect larva that has been cybernetically with two lasers that fire blue bouncy orbs at the target. If both the Larva's arms have been blown off, it will begin to use its deadly laser beam at the enemy.
  • Major Bio-mechanoid: These large, red cyborgs have robotic, chicken-like legs. Their movement is controlled by loud servo motors, which can be heard from some distance. They are armed with separately manufactured rocket launchers which are attached to biologically designed side slots and are directly connected to its nervous system. The large head serves mainly as a battery containment. As their rockets can quickly reach their targets and they can take several hits before being destroyed, they are very dangerous if not eliminated.
  • Minor Bio-mechanoid: A smaller and slightly less dangerous variety of the Major Bio-mechanoid that is armed with two pulse lasers attached to either side of its body. Like the Major Bio-mechanoid, the Minor's intelligence is mainly limited to seek-and-destroy.

Creatures or wildlife Edit

Cave Demon art

Aurigan Cave Demons are an example of some of the strange or dangerous creatures that Mental uses in his horde.

Though not really considered to be part of Mental's ranks due to low intelligence or other reasons, Mental still nonetheless decided to have these creatures included in his army. They are often from different planets, and have many unique characteristics. Some of these creatures have been altered by Mental to enhance their capabilities.

  • Aurigan Cave Demon: A nocturnal bloodthirsty predator that lurks in the darkness, often clinging onto walls or pillars. When unsuspecting prey draws near, they will leap out and strike at the target with their sharp claws, then retreat and hide again.
  • Hatchling Antaresian Spider: A newborn Antaresian spider. As they are hatchlings, their jaws and exoskeleton are underdeveloped, thus they can be killed easily by being shot or squished on. They can bite at close range, or fire balls of acid from glands in their tails from a distance. As individuals they are not a threat, but a pack of them can be dangerous.
  • Juvenile Antaresian Spider: Larger and more dangerous than the hatchlings, a juvenile already has developed jaws and exoskeleton, and are more resilient to gunfire than the hatchlings. As they are much bigger in compassion, they can't be stomped on, but it is possible to rip their carapace apart, which kills the juvenile instantly.
  • Kleer skeleton: An undead skeleton of a being from an extinct race from the planet Kleer, of Alpha Canis Majoris. They appear somewhat equinous, but only in stature, and have large, sharp horns on their heads, a tail, long scythe-like claws at the ends of their forearms, and hooves on their two hind legs. They will charge towards their target, and leap out to attack with their sharp claws. At closer range, they will repeatedly slash at them. From further distances, Kleers can conjure twin chainballs one after another in a single direction towards the target.
  • Marsh Hopper: A small, greenish frog-like alien originating from the planet Rigil Kentaurus. They are social creatures, and live in large groups, but have a suicidal instinct to protect their territory. In all-devastating havoc, they will attempt to leap at an enemy and explode by over inflating themselves. Upon exploding, toxic slime from within their intestines splashes the target.
  • Reeban Electro-Fish: An aquatic animal from the planet Reeb. When it spots an enemy, it fires a bolt of electricity from the light attached to its head. The bolt will disorient the enemy upon contact. This makes the Electro-Fish very dangerous in groups, as a constant barrage of lightning will constantly disorient the enemy, making it difficult for the victim to fight back.
  • Sandwhale: A very large, aggressive and territorial creature. It is unknown how they were transported to Earth or if they are even associated with Mental's horde, but it is suspected that they were accidentally brought to Earth in microscopic larvae state from a desert planet in Gamma Pegasi. They appear to mostly feed on sediments or minerals, though if its territory is disturbed, they are able to swallow a heavy assault tank whole, without chewing. These creatures are so well protected by their thick scales that there are no known ways to kill one short of nuclear weapons.
  • Sirian Werebull: A mixture of Sirian and cattle DNA, the Sirian Werebull behaves much like an ordinary bull, though unlike regular cattle, the Werebull has fingers. It is unknown if the Werebull was made by Mental or by the Sirians themselves. Its two attacks consist of ramming the target, or if they are not fast enough, it will attempt to gore the target with its horns, causing more damage than a ram would.

Combat technology Edit

Mental employs many devices and weapons which are used for monitoring important locations, or to defend a strategic objective. Some of these weapons are human inventions that were re-designed or modified by Mental to enhance them.


  • In Serious Sam 3: BFE, there are many propaganda posters located throughout the campaign, usually featuring Gnaars or Beheaded Kamikazes on them.

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