Miniguncomputer ssa
Maximum Ammunition held


Ammunition Type

Minigun Ammo

The Minigun is a weapon in Serious Sam Advance.


The Minigun is an eight-barreled automatic weapon. The constant barrage of bullets allows it to cut down any enemy with ease. According to NETRICSA, the amount of bullets fired at once is so strong it seems like one could walk on it at first glance.

The Minigun is first obtained in Pyramid Maze Entrance.


  • The Minigun is a great weapon to use against groups of strong enemies, such as the Gunrilla and the Aludran Reptiloid. It's rate of fire is fast enough that it can quickly kill most strong enemies and
  • It is also very effective against large groups of medium-strength enemies. The rate of fire and damage per bullet can kill a medium-strength enemy in a few seconds
  • The Minigun is also useful against a single strong enemy. It can make a strong enemy constantly play their “pain” animation, making them harmless, and it does enough damage that it can kill the enemy quickly.



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