Minigun Bullet
Minigunbullets 3
Amount per unit

100 (SS3), 200 (SS3 Tourist), 150 (SS3 Easy), 50 (SSA)

used by:

XM-214-A Minigun (SS3), Minigun

Minigun Bullets (or Minigun Ammo) is an ammunition type in Serious Sam 3: BFE and Serious Sam Advance.


Minigun Bullets are a special type of ammunition used only in the XM-214-A Minigun. This is likely for balance reasons so that the player won't be swimming in Minigun ammo because ammo for the M29 Infantry Assault Rifle is common.

In Serious Sam 3: BFE, Minigun Bullet boxes give 100 rounds of ammo (200 in Tourist, 150 in Easy) when picked up. Minigun Bullet boxes are pretty uncommon throughout the game normally, but some can also be found in secrets, allowing the player to use the Minigun more often if they go secret hunting.

In Serious Sam Advance, Minigun Bullets give 50 rounds of Minigun Bullets per pickup. Minigun bullets are usually found in groups of two or so. They start appearing as soon as the player picks up the Minigun and continue to be somewhat common throughout the game.

Appearance StatisticsEdit

The below list shows how many of this item appears in each game.

Shell mag

GamesAll difficulties
Serious Sam 3: BFE87


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