For the Minor Bio-mechanoid in other games, see Minor Bio-mechanoid.

The Minor Bio-mechanoid is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: The First Encounter, Serious Sam: The Second Encounter and Serious Sam HD.


Minor Bio-mechanoids are bipedal cyborgs with robotic chicken-like legs and a small blue body that has two laserguns attached to its sides. They have been designed by Mental from the ground-up from avian DNA, allowing him to customize them to his needs. They run on a battery that can be recharged by hooking it up to an external power source.

Compared to their Major counterparts, Minors are smaller, have less health and do less damage. They are still as fast as Majors, though.

The Minor Bio-mechanoid's fire rate depends on the difficulty; in Tourist and Easy, it will fire slowly. In Normal and higher, it will fire at a fast rate. No matter the difficulty, the lasers are fast-travelling and can quickly hit a non-moving target.


  • When facing Minor Bio-mechanoids, the player should always keep strafing. They cannot fire their lasers ahead of the player, making them harmless if the player keeps strafing in one direction.
  • When forced to change direction, the best way to avoid getting hit is by jumping over the laser stream.
  • Minors can be easily defeated with the XPML21 Rocket Launcher or Mk III Grenade Launcher. It takes only one rocket or grenade to kill them. Even Minor groups of any size can easily be dispatched with these weapons, making them the perfect weapon against them. The RAPTOR Sniper Rifle is also useful at defeating them at longer ranges, as one zoomed shot is enough to kill one.
  • On higher difficulty levels, Minors can be dangerous if left unchecked. Their rapid-fire lasers combined with the damage they do can drain the player's health if they aren't paying attention. Much like Beheaded Firecrackers, the player should attempt to kill them as soon as possible so that they can't drain the player's health while they're busy fighting off other enemies. On higher difficulties, they are mid-priority targets as there are enemies with harder-to-dodge attacks.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In Test 1, an unused texture for the Minor Bio-mechanoid exists, which is grey. It can be seen in some old screenshots. The grey Minor Bio-mechanoid stayed until post-Test 2 time, as its sounds can be found in its files. Judging from the sounds, it could kick the player away.


  • The code for the Minor's lasers comes from the scrapped Cyborg enemy.
  • The Minor Bio-mechanoid has rocket launchers instead of its laser weapons in NETRICSA except in Classics Revolution and HD.



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