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For the Minor Biomechanoid in other games, see Minor Biomechanoid.

The Minor Biomechanoid is an enemy in Serious Sam: Next Encounter.


  • The Minor Biomechanoid is a large brain with blue and grey cyborg legs and a laser blaster on each side. It is a cyborg creature made by Mental.
  • It fires a large barrage of lasers, stops for a few seconds, then fires again. These lasers are fast, but can be easily dodged if the target is strafing. Because of how large their laser barrage is, they can do a lot of damage if most of the lasers hit the target.


  • If the player constantly moves to the side, they will be able to dodge all of the Minor's lasers with ease.
  • Its lasers can be jumped over, which is very useful in emergencies.
  • The Double-Barrel Shotgun is very effective against the Minor Biomechanoid at close or medium range. One shot is usually needed to kill them.
  • Groups of Minors can be killed with the XM4000 Minigun, or, later in the game, the Sirian Power Gun. Both have a high rate of fire and can quickly do enough damage to cut down a group of Minors with ease.
  • Much like their Serious Sam 1 counterpart, they can be quite annoying if left unchecked. They should be taken out whenever the player gets a chance to do so.

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