This is getting serious!
This article contains spoilers. It might spoil your gaming experience when first playing these games.

No Place to Hide is the fourth level of Serious Sam 3: BFE.


Things turn out bad when the helicopter that was meant to pick up Sam has been shot down by Mental's Horde. When he gets to the helicopter he finds out that the pilot is dead and the sudden appearance of a strange creature, who has hijacked the helicopter and a new foe for Sam to deal with, and Stone must engage in a cat-and-mouse game to find a weapon to deal with this threat.


  1. At the start — get on the boxes on the left and jump on the wall. Look to the right to the archway and you'll see an armor shard on an awning. Jump on the air conditioner then over to get an Extra Small Armor shard.
  2. At the start — just before the first archway is a wall with some boxes on it. Get up on the wall and look left; you'll see a pill bottle on an overhang. You need to jump on the wall on the right, then jump on the overhangs around to the left to get the pill bottle.
  3. In the first courtyard — there are boxes against a wall to the left. Jump up and over to collect some electricity.
  4. Just past the courtyard turret — there's a turret over an archway protecting a courtyard. Once past it, follow the wall left and you will find a pile of garbage bags. Clear them away with the sledgehammer and behind it is a place to put C-4. Once you have the C-4 (from secret #6), return and blow the wall. Behind it is a rocket launcher. There's an alternative way to get the secret: In front of the wall are some boxes near the building next to the wall, jump on them, and then on the ledge on the building next to the boxes, then sprint jump behind the wall, pick up the weapon and blow the wall up. If using this method, be sure to lean against the diagonal opposite corner of the wall portion you need to blast and then target the upper rightmost edge of the breakable wall portion, otherwise you'll invariably damage yourself in normal difficulty and higher.
  5. Just before the crashed helicopter — left of the mosque entrance, there's a wall with loose bricks that can be broken with the sledgehammer; behind it is an XL2 Lasergun.
  6. Up the white building — in the same area as secret 5 with the Lasergun, you will see a tall group of boxes against a wall with three air conditioner units. Climb on top of the boxes and then jump onto the first air conditioner. The second jump is slightly tricky, while still standing on the first air conditioner, put a slight distance between you and second air conditioner and jump for it (if you fall off just keep trying). Finally, jump onto the final air conditioner unit and you'll notice a black wire which extends from the air conditioner to the building opposite of the air conditioner. Carefully walk on the black wire to the building, once across turn right. There will be a blue couch with the C-4 explosive required for secret 4.
  7. After the mosque — to the left of the mosque is a wall with graffiti on it. Jump on the barrel, then the air conditioner, then over the wall to collect some electricity, but this will spawn some Kleers.
  8. Beside the gate — there's a gate with a minaret atop it guarded by Cloned Soldiers. Take a left at the gate, then look for a narrow gap between the walls behind some crates, and collect the armor.
  9. Near the end — beside the rocket launcher on the right is a cracked wall. Blow it up with a rocket and collect the Large Health.


  • Near secret #1, you can parkour onto a building roof through some decorations. This allows you to jump to other rooftops, and skip the first half of the level.
  • On Tourist difficulty, you can run past most sentry turrets.