Orc Commander
Orc Commander


Attacks / weapons
  • Plasma ball (10)
  • Grenade direct impact (10)
  • Grenade explosion (0-30)
  • Melee (20)
Point value


The Orc Commander is an enemy in Serious Sam 2.


The Orc Commander is from a primitive species that was recruited by Mental. Their best warriors were trained by Mental's forces and given modern armor and weapons. It wears red armor.

The commander has three attacks. He can fire homing shots from his plasma gun, throw grenades, or kick the player if they are close enough.


  • Orc Commanders should be higher priority targets than other orcs, but lower than the majority of other enemies. His projectiles are easy to dodge, but his grenades can be irritating if the player doesn't eliminate him.
  • Orc Commanders can easily be killed by almost every weapon, as they have low health.