The Orc Grunt is an enemy in Serious Sam 2.


The Orc Grunt is a primitive species that was recruited by Mental. Their best warriors were trained by Mental's forces and given modern armor and weapons. This orc is identified by its rusty grey armor.

The Grunt's main attack is to fire a two-round burst from their blasters, similar to the bursts fired by the Zorg Mercenary. If the player is close enough, the Grunt will kick them.


  • Orc Grunt attacks can be avoided by simply strafing.
  • Lone or small groups of Grunts can be taken out with either the Colt Anaconda or the Auto Shotgun. The Colt works better against Orcs at long range because it has perfect accuracy.
  • Large groups of Orc Grunts can be taken out with the Uzi. It's fire rate is fast enough to quickly take out Grunts, but is slow enough not to waste ammo.
  • With other enemies, the Orc Grunt is a low priority because its projectiles are easy to avoid.


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