"Look ma, I'm a lumberjack!"
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The P-LAH Chainsaw is a melee weapon that appears in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, Serious Sam: Xbox, Serious Sam: Next Encounter and Serious Sam HD.

Overview Edit

The chainsaw, nicknamed "Bonecracker" in The Second Encounter, is a tool modified for combat. It has a a micro fusion cell that creates power for up to 10,000 years nonstop. However, the parts will only work for six months; after that, it will break.

The chainsaw in Serious Sam: Xbox firstly appears in the Temple of Hatshepsut, but appears much earlier in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, appearing at the start of the first level in each era.

The chainsaw appears to, as named, be a chainsaw with an orange body and an incredibly long, rusty head with several teeth.

NETRICSA informationEdit


  • Weapon: 'Bonecracker' P-Lah Chainsaw
  • Ammo: Fuel from a self-contained micro fusion synthesizer


This familiar weapon only looks like it was made on Earth. It seems that only its design and purpose were taken from the concept of the familiar chainsaw design. Inside the titanium alloy casing you will find a self-contained micro fusion synthesizer that is capable of producing enough fuel for 10000 years of non-stop operation. Unfortunately, there is only a 6 month guarantee for all the moving parts and they tend to break very soon after that period. Truly a marvel of modern engineering and economics.


  • Don't try to use this baby when you're being attacked by long-ranged opponents.


  • This weapon is extremely useful against most varieties of smaller foes, being more effective than the Military Knife against multiple targets.
  • The chainsaw works very well against Gnaars, as they will simply charge towards the player and have no ranged attacks. When they get into range, they will be unable to strike back due to the damage input of the saw.
  • It also works well against Scythian Witch-Harpies, especially against those that have been downed from the sky. The player should allow the harpy to perform a melee attack (whilst evading the latter), and should then chop her to pieces while she recovers.
  • This weapon is extremely effective against Marsh Hoppers, especially when they're in large groups. This is notably the best option for combat in the classic version of TSE. When circle-strafing or retreating to a corner and crouching, almost none manage to land an attack.
  • If you are feeling gutsy and has a large area to work with, the weapon can be used to eliminate large hoards of Kleers without expending any ammo by circle-strafing around them while using the weapon.
  • For obvious reasons, this weapon must not be used against explosive enemies, such as Beheaded Kamikazes and Beheaded Bombers.
  • The saw is also prohibited to use against long-ranged fire enemies such as Major Bio-mechanoids and Fiendian Reptiloid Demon (with its powerful melee attack). Their weapons can harm the player in if you use the chainsaw to attack them at close range.
  • Like the knife, the chainsaw has a deceptively large range for a melee weapon. Take advantage of this.


  • In Croatian "Pila" (pronounced "peelah") means saw, hence the name.
  • In The Second Encounter when you pick up the chainsaw at the beginning of The Citadel, Sam says "I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay", this is a references to the Monty Python sketch, the lumberjack song.


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