Palenque Demo is the demo level of The Second Encounter.


  1. From your starting position, dive all the way down in the lake to find a secret Rocket Launcher.
  2. At the lake, head to one of its corners with an island to discover a secret armor.
  3. From #2, walk towards the phone booth to register the secret.
  4. Walk to the left side of the temple with the Sniper, and near its end, blast a darker colored section on the wall to reveal a secret "under construction" area.
  5. Opposite from #4, walk towards the mountainside to discover an item.
  6. When you get out of the temple and are in a valley, turn around and look up. You'll see a platform with an invulnerability power-up. Blast it with a rocket and collect the power-up (although the secret will not register).
  7. Go to the upper right corner of the valley to discover a secret armor and spawn some enemies.
  8. Opposite of #7, walk to the lower left corner of the valley to discover a "Crollywood movie studio".
  9. At the middle mountain with the large pyramid, walk to the left and enter the house there to find some secret ammo.
  10. Opposite of #9, walk behind the house on the right to discover a health pack.

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